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Wynn telecom signs Saif Ali Khan as brand ambassador

Wynn telecom that has Wynncom brand of mobile handsets has signed on Saif Ali Khan as the brand ambassador reports afaqs. Link to full story is below:

BSNL, India's IPO plan on hold

Busienss Line reports that BSNL that reported losses of over Rs. 2000 crore last fiscal will put it's IPO plan on hold until Sam Pitroda's 15 point restructuring plan is put in place. Link to full story is below:

Verizon / ATT may launch Pantech's first Android soon

Phandroid a website for Android fans reports that Verizon / ATT may launch Pantech's first Android soon. Link to full story is below:

DoT order seeming detrimental to Chinese vendors in India

No purchase equipment has been cleared by department of telecommunications, reports NDTV Profit. Indian government earlier required all the telecom operators to seek approval from DoT before buying any equipment. This is becoming detrimental to chinese vendor companies ZTE and Huawei who have seen their Indian business grow very rapidly over the past few years. Link to full story is below:

4G spectrum auction will follow 3G

India's communication minister A Raja said that auction for 4G spectrum will begin soon after 3G, reports hindustan times.

Link to full story is below:

Bharti Airtel's entry through Zain in Uganda would stir the industry

Bharti Airtel with it's experience of running operations at low cost and existing relationship with large scale vendors would cause a shake out in the industry.

New Vision reports that operators can expect an all out price war.

Link to the full story by New Vision is below:

Telecom Services Network, offers VOIP reseller program to Internet Service Provider

Online PR News reports that Telecom Services Network, is offering VoIP reseller program to Internet service providers and resellers.
Link to full story below:

Net neutrality reaches Europe, French telcos seek to regulate traffic

Reuters reports that French telcos seek cash benefits from new plans that they to regulate traffic which would come this summer.

European regulators are now weighing net neutrality after the US.

Link to full story below:

Palm approaches Huawei for sale

Business Insider reports that Palm approached Huawei for a possible sale. Discussions havent advanced since february though. Link to full story is below:

Franco Bernabe justifies not selling TIM in Brazil

Wall Street Journal reports that TI CEO Franco Bernabe justified not selling TIM in Brazil. Also that he hopes to sell TI stake in Telcom Argentina.

Link to the story below:

No rush for LTE, HSPA+ can handle surge in data usage

Nick Wood says in Total Telecom that operators may not rush to implement LTE for high data usage. HSPA to HSPA+ should suffice or they should use either WiFi or femtocells to manage demand for data services. Link to full story is below:

China plans to expand its 3G user base to 150M by 2011

China expects to expand its user base to 150M by 2011 as reported by
The number of 3G base stations will cross 400000 by 2011.
Link to the full story is below:

Cisco feeling the heat from Huawei in router business

Huawei is increasingly competing with Cisco in the router business. Huawei is aggressively expanding its router business. Link to the full story is below:

Juniper Networks acquires Ankeena Networks

The Motley Fool reports that in less than a $100M deal Juniper Networks acquires Ankeena Networks. Link to full story is below:

Net Neutrality rules may hurt jobs and investment

The Washington Post reports that Navigators Global’s which has clients AT&T, Bell South Communications, Qualcomm and industry coalition, has advocated against net neutrality rules and says that a new net neutrality rule would hurt jobs and investments.

Full story by Washington Post is below:

Telecom Italia may raise ~$2B from asset sales

FierceTelecom reports that Telecom Italia may raise ~$2B from asset sales. This comes in the background of rumours over its take over by Telefonica. The link to full story is below:

France Telecom threatens to pull out of Telecom Kenya

Daily Nation reports that France Telecom is threatening to pull out of Telecom Kenya if it doesn't recover within a year. Daily Nation adds "France Telecom has claimed it is not able to trace some assets that were on the books of Telkom Kenya at the time it was acquiring a 51 per cent stake in the former parastatal from the government in December 2007."

Link to full story is below:

All India 3G bid touch Rs. 4324 Crore

Economic Times reports that after 16 rounds of bidding, all india license has touched Rs 4,324 crore, ensuring at least Rs 17,636 crore for the goverment. Link to full story below:

Diagnostic firm Diasorin implements VPN solution by Orange Business Services

MarketWatch reports that Diagnostic firm Diasorin has implemented VPN solution for its ~1100 strong work force, connecting 12 locations in Europe, Americas and Asia. Link to full story below:

Recording solution for Traders launched by Orange Business Services reported that Orange Business Services launched a new recording solution for traders. From next year every conversation on trade on mobile phone will have to be recorded. Link to full story below:

Olive Telecom launches India’s first QWERTY triple SIM, social networking Phone for just Rs. 6000

In the already super competitive mobile handset segment Olive Telecom launched the first QWERTY triple SIM, social networking Phone for just Rs. 6000. It will be interesting to see how this one fares against the new entrants Maxx, LAVA, and Guru.

NSN and Chungwa Telecom collaborate in Taiwan for FDD-LTE trial

NSN and Chungwa Telecom are collaborating in Taiwan for FDD-LTE trial for development of next generation broadband as reported by easyBourse. Link to full story is below

NSN starts 3G hardware production in Chennai India plant

Business Line reports that NSN kicked off the manufacturing of 3G hardware in its chennai plant on April 10. Link to full story is below:

France Telecom denied bid on Egyptian Co

Egyptian court has denied France Telecom from gaining full control of Egyptian company, also known as Mobinil, as reported by SFGate. Link to full story is below:

Telefonica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telecom say Google should compensate for carrying YouTube

Financial Times reportst that Telefónica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom want Google to compensate them for heavy data usage because of YouTube.

This comes after the recent ruling by the court that firms like AT&T and Comcast decide how bandwidth is allocated and which sites customers can use freely thus potentially permitting telecom firms to better manage their bandwidths without having to invest in costly infrastructure and network upgrades.

To track the full story by Financial Times follow the link below:

ZTE to spend ~10% of VAS R&D budget in India

ZTE will spend ~10% of its global R&D budget of ~$1B in software development center in Bangalore for VAS, reports economic times.
Full story in the link below:

TDC and France Telecom to merge Sunrise and Orange Schweiz in Switzerland

Total Telecom reports that Danish telecom operator TDC and France telecom have agreed to merge the subsidiaries Sunrise and Orange Schweiz in Switzerland.

Full report is below:

Dual SIM in India at ~$100, the root of new consumer behavior

Cell bharat reports that SAR Group and Wynn Telecom will launch dual SIM in India at ~$100.
Dual SIM are becoming very popular in India and experts have questioned the relevance of Number Portability in light of consumer's ability to afford and use 2 Sim cards. Consumers now subscribe to a steady plan from an operator and keep the other slot for the lowest deal available and baragain hunting. This way they have the assurance of quality and coverage while using the cheapest plan opportunistically through other SIM.

China voice holding is rebuilding US operations

PR Newswire reported that the China voice holding engages in two related activities;

1) Provides Prepaid Calling Products targeted at large ethnic group populations
2) Provides wholesale VoIP telecommunications services focused on selling international termination minutes to Carrier and other Service Provider customers

CHVC is now trying to stengthen its foothold in the US Market. Full story below:

AT&T will sell its European Wi-Fi operations to Swisscom

Associate Press reports that AT&T will sell its European Wi-Fi operations Wayport Inc. to Swisscom. Link below:

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