Mobile Number Portability: the Wait Lengthens

It was supposed to be implemented by March 31, 2010 - however India's wait to see the much awaited Mobile Number Portability option for mobile subscribers seem to be only lengthening as each day passes.

In the latest scenario, the government has decided to delay the introduction of MNP to June. This is because of the operators' claim that they need more to upgrade their networks so that they can enable MNP on their networks.

For the uninitiated, MNP (Mobile Number Portability) as the name suggests, will help your mobile number be portable. Once this facility is enabled, you can switch telecom subscribers - retaining the same number in the process. It was just earlier this year that a senior Government official had confirmed that the launch of MNP would be delayed till May. This was owing to various security related concerns. Just a few weeks after that, we have even fresh delays.

Like 3G, looks like we would have to wait for eons for MNP to finally arrive in India.