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No nexus one on Verizon this spring

electronista reports that Google will not launch Nexus one for Verizon this spring. Link to full story below:

Qwest acquired by CenturyTel for $10.6B

CenturyTel acquired Qwest for $10.6B making it the third largest operator in US, reports web host industry review. Link to full story below

Verizon's iPhone 4G release by June 2010

Verizon is planning to launch iPhone 4G by June this year reports Daily Metro News. Link to full story below:

Verizon / ATT may launch Pantech's first Android soon

Phandroid a website for Android fans reports that Verizon / ATT may launch Pantech's first Android soon. Link to full story is below:

US 2007 census companies by employement size

The segment with largest number of companies has 1-4 employees at ~8.4M
The segments that are expected to the have largest number of employees working are 20-49 employees and 100-249 employees

Data file is attached

Net Neutrality rules may hurt jobs and investment

The Washington Post reports that Navigators Global’s which has clients AT&T, Bell South Communications, Qualcomm and industry coalition, has advocated against net neutrality rules and says that a new net neutrality rule would hurt jobs and investments.

Full story by Washington Post is below:

Why is hosted unified communications for Small and Medium Enterprises, at least a $50B opportunity annually for AT&T and Verizon in United States?

The business case above shows that with adoption level of just 40-50% and with price points of just $60 / month /employee which includes mobile handset, phone, software, voice and data plan the size of the market is substantially large at $50B-$70B annually.

“Net Neutrality” Court Ruling could allow firms like Comcast and AT&T to decide how bandwidth is allocated

ETFdb reports that the ruling could allow firms like Comcast and AT&T to decide how bandwidth is allocated and which sites customers can use freely thus potentially permitting telecom firms to better manage their bandwidths without having to invest in costly infrastructure and network upgrades.

Readers would remember that AT&T hinted that company may manage iPhone data usage in the near future when the traffic was extensively used by few iphone users.

Full story by ETFdb is below:

Huawei continues to work with US government security to increase its presence

Fierce Telecom reported that Huawei is working with US security for potential acquisition of with potential acquisitions of Motorola and other U.S.-based telecom vendors. Full story is below

Jersey Telecom launches new text service that warns subscribers after 2 MB data usage reports that

Jersey Telecom (JT) has announced the launch of a free text warning service, that will help customers keep their data roaming charges to in check when they are using their mobile phone or handheld device abroad.

Jersey Telecom will send an automatic text message as soon as 2MB of data has been used while roaming. Operators globally are offering similar services.

Full story is below:

Verizon vs. AT&T: They're both losers

The tech world's been aflutter all week with speculation about whether Apple will finally unveil an iPhone for Verizon Wireless and what that will mean for AT&T, currently the exclusive iPhone carrier in the U.S.

But guess what? This may matter little to investors. The two big telecom stocks, which lagged the market's big rally in 2009, have fared even worse so far this year.

Verizon Wireless releases Motorola Devour

Verizon Wireless and Motorola today announced that Motorola DEVOUR is available online and in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores today for $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.

DEVOUR is the second Android-powered smartphone from Motorola to run on Verizon Wireless' 3G Network. The phone comes with MOTOBLUR, Motorola's unique content delivery service created to make wireless phones more personal and customizable. Additional features and specifications of Motorola DEVOUR can be found by visiting .

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