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Reliance JIO the Alibaba and Amazon of India?

Reliance JIO the fastest growing telecom service provider in India provides data, voice, SMS and applications. Disruption caused by JIO in telecommunications industry is unprecedented and has enabled millions of consumers with value services. It has gained 4G/LTE market share far ahead of its service provider competition and has caused rapid consolidation in the industry. Several telecom operators in India have either merged, closed business or filed for bankruptcy, while those who survive are facing straight quarterly losses.

Modern warfare in Telecom Equipment sales to mobile operators

•Competitive Play- the big game
•Demand driven design and R&D
•Customer Relations
•Perceptions are Differentiators
•They will buy from you if they want you
•Group of customer Individuals matter
•Eventually it’s the technical rating
•How far will you go to get intelligence?
•Strategy of War

Telecommunication: Why are multi-million dollar deals hard to crack?

Large telecommunications vendor corporations are increasingly, facing a situation wherein they face few very large deals that make up for most of their business- old pareto principle. This means huge risk to these organizations in terms of growing and retaining business quarter on quarter as more and more, few players in the market, compete for these few large deals. While, operationally these organizations seem to be equipped in terms of people, tools and resources, however from a sales perspective, this situation puts huge responsibility and focus on very thin sales organizations.

IMS- the making of another lost opportunity for operator on applications- RCS. VoLTE takes network evolution and some voice revenues will be lost. Joyn is unlikely to succeed. Fixed / Mobile convergence will differentiate the operator

IMS is more notorious in the telecom world than any other technology for the last several years. A simple quote from a vendor will easily run into a few million dollars for a bare bone solution with a business case which relies on passionate optimism than any real success. While fixed line operators successfully implemented the technology and benefited from it in terms of low cost and feature rich applications, mobile world is coming to terms with it now.

Mobile Broadband in 2012- Recommendations for mobile operators for market segmentation and pricing to differentiate and stay profitable

Mobile Broadband market in 2012, is at an interesting stage and is almost an academic example of an industry grappling to segment the market, price it and remain at least profitable if not maximize it. There are numerous studies that will indicate that at current flat price data schemes for mobile broadband, investments will far outstrip consumption or revenues.

MEM 2010 Part 2: Apps, Mobile Media Business Models, Growth Markets, M Commerce

Continuing the part one of the update on Mobile Entertainment Market 2010, here are the next set of panel discussions.

Apps: Planning for Success in the Apps World

This session was moderated by Dominic Pride the Managing Director of The Sound Horizon. The participants of the debate were:

James Parton, Head of O2 Litmus, O2 UK
Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar Mobile

Patrick Mork, Vice President, Marketing, Getjar
Andrew Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, Shazam

The key takeaways of the panel discussion are:

Google breaks AdMob even by 2014- makes a $6B killing by 2020: Mobile Advertising

Skeptics have doubted Google’s $750M acquisition of mobile advertising company Admob, which is its third largest acquisition in the history. forecasts that Google would break this acquisition even by 2014 and make a killing of ~$6B by 2020. So when someone calls Google a “sugar daddy”, you know they are acting smart. Find the valuations in the spreadsheet attached.

Honor 9i Pros and Cons

Huawei's Honor 9i is the new hot mid-range in the market. Not sure to call it a mid-range or a premium mid-range as it is priced at 18000. It has surely impressed us during our usage and definitely going places. So, here is the list of Pros and Cons of Honor 9i.

GIonee A1 Full Review

Gionee, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, creates Selfie-centric smartphones and focuses more on the offline market rather than online presence. The company launched two decent smartphones, Gionee A1 and Gionee A1 Plus, at MWC 2017.

Check Gionee A1 Full Review and is it upgradable to Android Oreo?

Nokia 6 Review

Nokia 6 was the most hyped phone of this year and now that it’s out in the market and cost more than it should we thought to give it a shot. So after reviewing Nokia 3 and skipping Nokia 5 as it doesn’t offer anything worth buying other than its branding we are here today back with Nokia 6 review. We have used Nokia 6 for a week now and we give this phone a score of 3 just because of its built quality. Now, let’s see why we gave it an average score and is Nokia 6 worth Buying?

Here is the Full Review of Nokia 6 with Detailed Specifications.

iPhone Developer Brags: $1,400 In iAd Revenue In One Day At $150 eCPM

Apple's iAds have started rolling out, and at least one iPhone developer is enjoying early returns, boasting of making $1,400 in ad revenue on the first day reports business insider.
Link to full story below:

Mobile Entertainment Market 2010, Meffys, Event summary and detailed discussions: Part 1

Meffys 2010 awards and Mobile Entertainment Market (MEM) 2010 organized by Mobile Entertainment Forum between June 21 and 23 in London, was definitively a confluence of leaders and champions from every stream of mobile and entertainment business globally.

Q1 2010, Telenor Group reported revenues of NOK 24 billion, representing an organic revenue growth of 3 per cent. The EBITDA margin in the first quarter of 2010 was 30 per cent, and operating cash flow margin was 20 per cent

In the first quarter of 2010, Telenor Group reported revenues of NOK 24 billion, representing an organic revenue growth of 3 per cent. The EBITDA margin in the first quarter of 2010 was 30 per cent, and operating cash flow margin was 20 per cent. Telenor’s mobile operations added 5 million subscriptions during the quarter, reaching a total of 179 million.

Update 1 netservices will sell business to GCI Telecom

Update 1 netservices will sell all its business to GCI Telecom, reports Link to full story below:

iPad apps growing fast

iPad apps are growing fast. A recent iPad apps saw 10000 downloads a day reports television broadcast. Link to full story below:

Deutsche Telecom to continue to hold T Mobile

Deutsche Telecom reaffirmed its commitment to T Mobile reports, mobile burn. Link to full story below:

Avalon Global and Teleopti come together for expense management solution

Avalaon Global and Teleopti announced a partnership on global expense management solution reports business wire. Link to full story below:

Apple acquires Siri a mobile search company for ~$100M to ~$200M

Applie acquired a mobile app company Siri for ~$100M to ~$200M reports business insider.

ICQ acquired by DST, Russia for $187.5M

Telecom Paper reports that DST has acquired ICQ for $187.5M. Link to full story is below:

Palm gets acquired by HP for $1.2B

HP acquires Palm for $1.2B reports Telecom Paper. Link to full story is below:

Nokia Q1 results

- Nokia net sales of EUR 9.5 billion, up 3% year-on-year and down 21% sequentially (up 1% and down 21% at constant currency).

- Devices & Services net sales of EUR 6.7 billion, up 8% year-on-year and down 19% sequentially (up 7% and down 19% at constant currency).

- Services net sales of EUR 148 million, down 12% sequentially; billings of EUR 228 million, up 1% sequentially.

- Nokia total mobile device volumes of 107.8 million units, up 16% year-on-year and down 15% sequentially.

Ericsson Q1 results

Ericsson first quarter resultsApril 23, 2010, 07:29 (CEST)
CEO comments"Group sales in the quarter declined -9% year-over-year with lower sales in Networks but with an increase in Global Services," says Hans Vestberg, President and CEO of Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC).
"Sales for comparable units, adjusted for currency exchange rate effects and hedging declined year-over-year -16%. Voice related sales, such as 2G, continued to decline in the quarter but were partly offset by increased 3G sales. Sales were also impacted by tight industry component supply conditions.

Huawei stengthening its presence in North America, 70 people R&D center in Ottawa

In line with Huawei's attempts to strengthen its presence in North America, Huawei opens its R&D center in Ottawa for cluding wireline, wireless, optical and Internet protocol networking. Link to press release is below:

Telecom Services Network, offers VOIP reseller program to Internet Service Provider

Online PR News reports that Telecom Services Network, is offering VoIP reseller program to Internet service providers and resellers.
Link to full story below:

Palm approaches Huawei for sale

Business Insider reports that Palm approached Huawei for a possible sale. Discussions havent advanced since february though. Link to full story is below:

No rush for LTE, HSPA+ can handle surge in data usage

Nick Wood says in Total Telecom that operators may not rush to implement LTE for high data usage. HSPA to HSPA+ should suffice or they should use either WiFi or femtocells to manage demand for data services. Link to full story is below:

Cisco feeling the heat from Huawei in router business

Huawei is increasingly competing with Cisco in the router business. Huawei is aggressively expanding its router business. Link to the full story is below:

Juniper Networks acquires Ankeena Networks

The Motley Fool reports that in less than a $100M deal Juniper Networks acquires Ankeena Networks. Link to full story is below:

Telefonica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telecom say Google should compensate for carrying YouTube

Financial Times reportst that Telefónica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom want Google to compensate them for heavy data usage because of YouTube.

This comes after the recent ruling by the court that firms like AT&T and Comcast decide how bandwidth is allocated and which sites customers can use freely thus potentially permitting telecom firms to better manage their bandwidths without having to invest in costly infrastructure and network upgrades.

To track the full story by Financial Times follow the link below:

Telecom outsourcing will continue to grow

In a story reported by Viva News, Nokia Siemens Networks Indonesia Head of Services, Dharmesh Malhotra said that “Right now, there have been a lot of telecommunication operators considering to outsource their resources,” According to him, managed services allow telecommunication companies to focus on marketing and understanding customers’ demand.
Read the full story below:

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