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IMS- the making of another lost opportunity for operator on applications- RCS. VoLTE takes network evolution and some voice revenues will be lost. Joyn is unlikely to succeed. Fixed / Mobile convergence will differentiate the operator

IMS is more notorious in the telecom world than any other technology for the last several years. A simple quote from a vendor will easily run into a few million dollars for a bare bone solution with a business case which relies on passionate optimism than any real success. While fixed line operators successfully implemented the technology and benefited from it in terms of low cost and feature rich applications, mobile world is coming to terms with it now.

No rush for LTE, HSPA+ can handle surge in data usage

Nick Wood says in Total Telecom that operators may not rush to implement LTE for high data usage. HSPA to HSPA+ should suffice or they should use either WiFi or femtocells to manage demand for data services. Link to full story is below:

NSN and Chungwa Telecom collaborate in Taiwan for FDD-LTE trial

NSN and Chungwa Telecom are collaborating in Taiwan for FDD-LTE trial for development of next generation broadband as reported by easyBourse. Link to full story is below

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