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IMS- the making of another lost opportunity for operator on applications- RCS. VoLTE takes network evolution and some voice revenues will be lost. Joyn is unlikely to succeed. Fixed / Mobile convergence will differentiate the operator

IMS is more notorious in the telecom world than any other technology for the last several years. A simple quote from a vendor will easily run into a few million dollars for a bare bone solution with a business case which relies on passionate optimism than any real success. While fixed line operators successfully implemented the technology and benefited from it in terms of low cost and feature rich applications, mobile world is coming to terms with it now.

China plans to expand its 3G user base to 150M by 2011

China expects to expand its user base to 150M by 2011 as reported by Alibaba.com
The number of 3G base stations will cross 400000 by 2011.
Link to the full story is below:


Airtel to launch 3G services by year-end

Country's leading telecom service provider Bharti Airtel will launch the 3G services by the year-end.

"Our core network is 3G ready, billing, application and content ready. Once bids are through services will take six to eight months after that," Bharti Airtel CEO (India and South Asia) Sanjay Kapoor said while launching a HTC smartphone exclusively on Airtel network.

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