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BSNL, India's IPO plan on hold

Busienss Line reports that BSNL that reported losses of over Rs. 2000 crore last fiscal will put it's IPO plan on hold until Sam Pitroda's 15 point restructuring plan is put in place. Link to full story is below:


Bharti Airtel's entry through Zain in Uganda would stir the industry

Bharti Airtel with it's experience of running operations at low cost and existing relationship with large scale vendors would cause a shake out in the industry.

New Vision reports that operators can expect an all out price war.

Link to the full story by New Vision is below:


Franco Bernabe justifies not selling TIM in Brazil

Wall Street Journal reports that TI CEO Franco Bernabe justified not selling TIM in Brazil. Also that he hopes to sell TI stake in Telcom Argentina.

Link to the story below:

Net Neutrality rules may hurt jobs and investment

The Washington Post reports that Navigators Global’s which has clients AT&T, Bell South Communications, Qualcomm and industry coalition MyWireless.org, has advocated against net neutrality rules and says that a new net neutrality rule would hurt jobs and investments.

Full story by Washington Post is below:


Telecom Italia may raise ~$2B from asset sales

FierceTelecom reports that Telecom Italia may raise ~$2B from asset sales. This comes in the background of rumours over its take over by Telefonica. The link to full story is below:

France Telecom threatens to pull out of Telecom Kenya

Daily Nation reports that France Telecom is threatening to pull out of Telecom Kenya if it doesn't recover within a year. Daily Nation adds "France Telecom has claimed it is not able to trace some assets that were on the books of Telkom Kenya at the time it was acquiring a 51 per cent stake in the former parastatal from the government in December 2007."

Link to full story is below:

All India 3G bid touch Rs. 4324 Crore

Economic Times reports that after 16 rounds of bidding, all india license has touched Rs 4,324 crore, ensuring at least Rs 17,636 crore for the goverment. Link to full story below:


Recording solution for Traders launched by Orange Business Services

TMC.net reported that Orange Business Services launched a new recording solution for traders. From next year every conversation on trade on mobile phone will have to be recorded. Link to full story below:

France Telecom denied bid on Egyptian Co

Egyptian court has denied France Telecom from gaining full control of Egyptian company, also known as Mobinil, as reported by SFGate. Link to full story is below:


Why is hosted unified communications for Small and Medium Enterprises, at least a $50B opportunity annually for AT&T and Verizon in United States?

The business case above shows that with adoption level of just 40-50% and with price points of just $60 / month /employee which includes mobile handset, phone, software, voice and data plan the size of the marke

Telefonica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telecom say Google should compensate for carrying YouTube

Financial Times reportst that Telefónica, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom want Google to compensate them for heavy data usage because of YouTube.

This comes after the recent ruling by the court that firms like AT&T and Comcast decide how bandwidth is allocated and which sites customers can use freely thus potentially permitting telecom firms to better manage their bandwidths without having to invest in costly infrastructure and network upgrades.


To track the full story by Financial Times follow the link below:

TDC and France Telecom to merge Sunrise and Orange Schweiz in Switzerland

Total Telecom reports that Danish telecom operator TDC and France telecom have agreed to merge the subsidiaries Sunrise and Orange Schweiz in Switzerland.

Full report is below:


Wateen Telecom in Pakistan goes public

Wateen goes public with following issue details:

Present Issue consist of 110,000,000 ordinary shares of PKR 10 each (20.85% of the enhanced paid up capital of PKR 5,274,746,200) with a Greenshoe option of up to additional 90,000,000 ordinary shares (14.58% of the enhanced paid up capital of PKR 6,174,746,200) in case of over-subscription at an Issue price of PKR 10/- per

IPO details can be found below:


France Telecom may spend upto EU7B in Middle East, Africa

Business Week reports that France Telecom Chief Executive Officer Stephane Richard said that France Telecom may spend upto Eur7B in Middle East Africa, to double its revenues. Full story is below:


Google Nexus One appears on Bouygues website

Google's nexus one appeared on Bouygues website, which indicates Boygues will launch the android phone in france.

Chinese telecom operators core business revenue up in Jan-Feb by 5% YoY

News at Alibaba reports that chinese operators revenue grew 5% YoY in Jan-Feb to RMB 133.33B

Full story is below:


“Net Neutrality” Court Ruling could allow firms like Comcast and AT&T to decide how bandwidth is allocated

ETFdb reports that the ruling could allow firms like Comcast and AT&T to decide how bandwidth is allocated and which sites customers can use freely thus potentially permitting telecom firms to better manage their bandwidths without having to invest in costly infrastructure and network upgrades.

Readers would remember that AT&T hinted that company may manage iPhone data usage in the near future when the traffic was extensively used by few iphone users.

Full story by ETFdb is below:


France Telecom will take over the management of Ethiopian Telecom Corporation

Infoworld reports that France Telecom will take over the management of ETC. As per Infoworld Ethiopia is the only country in East Africa with less competitive telecom sector after Eritrea due to monopolistic policies by the Ethiopian government. Full story is below:

Jersey Telecom launches new text service that warns subscribers after 2 MB data usage

IFCfeed.com reports that

Jersey Telecom (JT) has announced the launch of a free text warning service, that will help customers keep their data roaming charges to in check when they are using their mobile phone or handheld device abroad.

Jersey Telecom will send an automatic text message as soon as 2MB of data has been used while roaming. Operators globally are offering similar services.

Full story is below:


KT and France Telecom come together to provide digital home services in Korea

IPTV News reported that KT and France Telecom have signed a preliminary agreement to jointly develop digital home services in Korea

France Telecom will provide expertise in software technology from the SoftAtHome initiative (formed by Orange, Thomson and Sagem) to KT.
-The key features are use of PC Web browsers and content on IPTV services
-Enable the free and easy exchange of content from PCs, phones and smartphones with wired and wireless networks

Full story is below:


Telecom outsourcing will continue to grow

In a story reported by Viva News, Nokia Siemens Networks Indonesia Head of Services, Dharmesh Malhotra said that “Right now, there have been a lot of telecommunication operators considering to outsource their resources,” According to him, managed services allow telecommunication companies to focus on marketing and understanding customers’ demand.
Read the full story below:

China mobile will invest $300M in Pakistan

China mobile will invest $300M in pakistan primarily to expand its infrastructure. Pakistan has a cellular mobile density of ~58% and has ~95M subscribers. Full story below:


Wateen telecom in pakistan to go public

SECP has approved the Initial Public Offering of Wateen Telecom Limited. The IPO will be one of the biggest in Pakistan with a size of ~2 B rupees.

Full story as published in Daily time below:


Telecom firms want a pie of mobile healthcare

Several telecom companies wish to get a pie of the mobile health care market. As reported by ihealthbeat, services that they target are several including:

1) from text messaging
2) remind people to take medications to implants that monitor heart patients.

Full story here:


Global roaming charges may come down

Global roaming charges may come down in future.
Charges may be high as per Telecommunications Users Association (TUANZ). Full story below:


Verizon vs. AT&T: They're both losers

The tech world's been aflutter all week with speculation about whether Apple will finally unveil an iPhone for Verizon Wireless and what that will mean for AT&T, currently the exclusive iPhone carrier in the U.S.

But guess what? This may matter little to investors. The two big telecom stocks, which lagged the market's big rally in 2009, have fared even worse so far this year.

How google wants to change telecom

Google says it doesn't want to be your Internet service provider; rather, it wants to make your ISP behave in a more Google-friendly manner.

What the U.S. can learn from international net neutrality, broadband policies

Orange, T-Mobile create Magenta Telecom

Orange and T-Mobile today announced that the new branding for their UK joint venture will be called "Magenta". Although the switchover to the new name won't be complete until sometime next year, both T-Mobile and Orange intend to familiarise customers with the new branding immediately.

In an exclusive interview with Mobile Gazette, joint branding directors Jess Kidden and Jina Linaloundwa explained the reasoning behind the new name.

Bharti announces launch of cable link between Japan & US

Telecom service provider Bharti Airtel said a global consortium of which it is a part has launched an undersea cable between Japan and
the west coast of the US, providing high-capacity bandwidth access across the Pacific.

Besides Bharti Airtel, the other partners of the Unity consortium includes Global Transit, Google, KDDI Corp, Pacnet and SingTel.

Construction of the 9,620 km submarine cable system was first announced in February 2008. The cable system was built at a cost of USD 300 million, Bharti said in a communication to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Orange, OpenX To Challenge DoubleClick

InformationWeek reports OpenX Technologies has partnered with with France Telecom's Orange to launch Orange Ad Market, which could threaten to Google's DoubleClick ad unit.

Orange will use OpenX's platform to reach the 343 million users of its Ad Network service.

For full story follow the link below:


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