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Huawei attempts to resolve issues with Indian Government

Huawei which recently faced heat from the India Government on ban on equipment from Chinese vendors citing malware is trying to hard to convince the authorities. A number of seniors officials from the company are meeting the indian government reports economic times.
Link to full story below:

Huawei continues to work with US government security to increase its presence

Fierce Telecom reported that Huawei is working with US security for potential acquisition of with potential acquisitions of Motorola and other U.S.-based telecom vendors. Full story is below

Skype will have to wait further in UAE reported that TRA UAE has taken a decision that VOIP calls are a regulated activity and anyone using the software will be legally liable. The announcement meant that the operators, Etisalat and Du can offer a wider range of services in Dubai. The other companies keen on providing these services will have to partner with the existing licensees. The full story is below:

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